Common Problems and Causes for Saw Blade Cutting

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Common Problems and Causes for Saw Blade Cutting

1.Causes of Wood Panel Burst

     The upper wood panel burst

 The main saw blade is too blunt, with too few teeth;

 The distance between the main saw blade and the wood panel is too short;

 The quality of the board is too poor, which reduces the service life of the main saw blade;

 The bottom wood panel burst

◊ No scoring saw blade are used together, but a single saw is used for cutting;

 The scoring saw blade is blunt;

 The scoring saw blade and the main saw blade aren’t in a straight line;

2.Causes for burning wood panels and saw blades

 The saw blade jitters when cutting, usually because the steel plate of the saw blade is of poor quality or there is a problem with the equipment spindle;

 The saw blade is blunt;

◊ The speed of the machine is too high or too slow;

 The number of teeth doesn’t match;

3.Why the saw blade is not durable

The saw blade has too many teeth,when the saw blade is cutting, the waste wood chips can’t be discharged,the saw teeth are squeezed, making the saw blade not durable.

In fact, the recommended sizes of the main saw blades are 8 inches 60T or 9 inches 80T,and then used with scoring saw blades,it not only ensures smoothness, but also durability.


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