The Kick-off Meeting of December

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The Kick-off Meeting of December has been held in the morning of 7th December 2021. This month’s meeting is held by two members of The International Trade Department.

Part 1 

      ——The leaders speech

The leader,Mr.Tang Wanqings speech,announced that, in November, the company has completed the annual sales target of 2021,thanked again to the employees for their hard work.

At the same time,Mr.Tang also pointed out that the overall environmental situation in 2022 was not optimistic,and the tightening of monetary policy would lead to a decline in consumption power. So we must make strategic planning and deployment in advance, and find ways to achieve positive growth in performance in a headwind environment.

In addition, front-line sales staff must think about what customers think and solve customer needs;

Finally, Mr. Tang reminds Yibai’s family to work safely and avoid safety accidents.


Part 2 

      ——Reward for employees

The company’s vigorous development is inseparable from the hard work of the employees.

▲Excellent Manager

▲Excellent Staff

Recommendation Award

▲New Customer Development Award

▲Excellent Team

▲Sales Champion Team

Happy Birthday

▲Self-introduction of new employees

Part 3

      ——The meeting summary

Mr. Luo Nengkai, general manager of Yibai Technology, expressed his affirmation of the achievements made by the Yibai's family, and hoped that everyone will continue their efforts in December and make another sprint.

Mr. Luo pointed out that the company’s goal is to go public. Next year, it will optimize and adjust the management system, system process, cost accounting, production safety and other aspects to meet the listing requirements.

Finally, due to the recent occurrence of major safety accidents in adjacent areas, Mr. Luo reminded employees to pay attention to processing safety during production, and to abide by traffic laws when going out for sales, to avoid traffic accidents, and to further enhance safety awareness.

Finally, with the help of national policies, Yibai had huge room for growth and development. We hoped that we will work together to create a better future.


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