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I Come

I See

I Conquer!!!

The Kick-off Meeting of November has been held in the morning of 2nd November 2021. More than 200 members of YIBAI’s family came and got together to welcome the newly come November. This month’s meeting is held by two members of The Third Marketing Department. 

The opening song Your Answer which sang by one of the MC, inspired everyone in the meeting room.

The general manager, Mr. Luo Nengkai’s speech, announced that, in Octolber, the company has completed the annual sales target of 2021. This achievement is the result of the hard-working of all employees of the Yibai big family. At the same time, Mr. Luo also highly praised the two big-scale activities held in October, which were the 3rd Furniture Manufacturing Industry Indoor Exhibition and the YB Tools Distributors Metting. He is highly recognized with these two activities and the hard-working of the every stuff who has took part in preparing and orgnizing these two activities.

From the macro perspective, Mr. Luo pointed out that the country is currently vigorously supporting the development of the manufacturing industry.  As a manufacturing enterprise, we must seize this opportunity to achieve rapid growth and become the top and best in the cutting tools industry. 

It is not difficult for a person to work hard once in an ordinary work position. But it is not easy to work hard persistently for a long time and all the time. This is the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

In the past October,  there are many colleagues who have made outstanding contributions on their work position. At the meeting, we gave these employees high praise and rewards.

 ▲Excellent Staff

▲Excellent Manager

▲Special Award from General Manager 

▲Excellent Team

▲Sales Champion Team

Celebrating employees' birthday is Yibai’s long-standing tradition. Today. Yibai Technology has become one of leader in the cutting tools industry. This success is inseparable from every employee's hard work, precious trust and strong support. The company is very grateful to everyone for their loyalty and dedication.

It is our constant pursuit to create a happy working atmosphere and a happy life for every member of this company. 


Happy Birthday

Do Not Forgot Your Potential and Gift,Keep Walking Across the Line

You’ll Achieve the Bright


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