Why do the wood composite panels cut by the sliding table saw have steps?

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Why do the wood composite panels cut by the sliding table saw have steps?

Precision sliding table saw is the most popular and a widely used equipment in furniture factories,because it has better cutting effect,faster cutting speed,and it can solve chipping problem during cutting the wood composite panels. But we still need to pay more attention to the operation when use it to cut the panel. For example, many people are bothered by the steps occurs on the wood composite cut by the table saw and want to know how to avoid the problems.

Generally there are two most common situations. The first situation is the steps occur on both size of the panel. It is mainly caused by the the over wide of the scoring saw blade. It can be solved by adjusting the width of the scoring saw blade to only 0.1-0.2mm wider than the width of main blade. The another situation is the steps only occur on one side of the panel, but there are chipping problem on another side. The reason of causing this problem is mainly due to the central axes of the main blade and scoring blade are not in a line. To solve this problem, need to move the scoring saw to the chipping side.  

Some furniture makers would use the pre-milling cutter to reprocess the cutting surface of the panel before banding the edge. Of course, if the sliding table saw can provide a perfect cutting finish, it would reduce more processing time which is a very important factor to reduce the cost for furniture manufacturer.  Welcome to share your problems occur during operating the sliding table saw. KWS specialists of woodworking tools are glad to help you to solve those problems. 


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